Inbrace Orthodontic Therapy – Real Invisible Braces

No one likes being told they need braces. Many people dislike traditional braces as they give the face an unseemly appearance. Whereas clear aligners or Invisalign braces are not fully invisible and require much self-discipline and motivation to work effectively. Not to mention, braces are a long-term treatment, and your orthodontic costs may run very high over the months or years you’ll be wearing them.

Luckily, there is an excellent alternative to traditional and Invisalign braces, and that is the new Inbrace technology.

What is Inbrace?

Inbrace has been designed at the University of Southern California (USC) using the combined efforts of leading dental, orthodontic, craniofacial and engineering research programmes in the country. It is FDA registered and has been made available to orthodontists and to patients.

The Inbrace targets the key aspects of orthodontic and dental treatment. Using slim brackets and wire attached at the back of your teeth, the Inbrace is the world’s first 100% invisible brace. It fits comfortably against your teeth’s natural shape and works super-fast to align them.

Worried about crooked smiles while taking selfies? Not anymore! By choosing Inbrace, you can get your teeth fixed in just a few weeks. Get that megawatt smile of yours back with these revolutionary braces that are truly as invisible as claimed!

Why go for Inbrace?

There are so many reasons to choose Inbrace as your go-to orthodontic treatment:

  • Easy to maintain

Traditional braces and clear aligners both need regular cleaning, as they have small spaces that can trap food particles and liquids. On the other hand, the Inbrace is very low maintenance. With this brace, you are able to brush and floss your teeth like normal.

  • No odour or discolouration

Most common types of braces begin to lose their original coloration over time unless you clean them thoroughly. With the Inbrace, you won’t need to worry about that. Tucked securely behind your teeth, these braces do not pose any risk of odour or discolouration with time.

  • Live life to the fullest

A great thing about the Inbrace is that it stays in the background and doesn’t interfere in your daily life. You can eat and drink what you want, smile bright and take those selfies. All without worrying about affecting your treatment.

  • Quick treatment time

The Inbrace works round the clock to fix your teeth faster and more effectively. Its Smartwire minimizes tooth movement, aligning your teeth properly and cutting down the treatment period by months, if not years.

  • Super comfortable

The Inbrace uses GentleForce technology which automatically exerts the right amount of pressure on your teeth. This keeps your teeth comfortably in place and reduces discomfort during treatment.

  • Healthier teeth

With the Inbrace, you can be assured of superior oral treatment. Its self-driving GentleForce technology applies consistent force over your teeth, leading to strong and healthy bone, gums and roots.

How much does the Inbrace cost?

While individual pricing may vary with the extent of treatment required, in general, the Inbrace costs roughly the same as clear aligners. So basically you get double the benefit for the same price!

Who can qualify for Inbrace therapy?

The minimum recommended age for getting Inbrace treatment is 15 years.

Can your insurance cover be applied to your Inbrace treatment?

Yes, insurance plans can be adjusted to cover your Inbrace treatment.

Where to get Inbrace therapy in Long Beach, California?

The only orthodontist offering Inbrace treatment in Long Beach, California, is Dr. Thao Nguyen Vu, who works at Bloom Orthodontics ( Dr. Vu is dedicated to providing her patients with the highest standard of dental and orthopaedic care and helping them achieve beautiful and captivating smiles.